Wood frames for canvas in Naples

Frames for the fine arts in standard or customized sizes

TELARTE s.n.c. manufactures wood frames for canvas in Naples which are top quality and perfect for the fine arts world. The company applies careful working techniques and its philosophy aims to promote the handmade techniques and the use of quality material. This choice is clear also in the selection of the wood used to manufactures the frames for the canvas, which are made of pine or spruce wood. The flexible manufacturing processes enable the company to offer a wide range of solutions and sizes, supplying standard or customized frames with customized sizes. The company uses only certified materials, with a wide range of options. 

The standard sizes for the wood frames for canvas in Naples include the following:

  • 18x24 cm
  • 24 x 30 cm
  • 30x40 cm
  • 40x50 cm
  • 40x60 cm
  • 40x70 cm
  • 50x60 cm
  • 50x70 cm
  • 60x70 cm
  • 60x80 cm
  • 60x90 cm
  • 70x100 cm
  • 60x120 cm
  • 80x120 cm
  • 100x120 cm
  • 100x150 cm

Thanks to many decades of experience of its founder LUIGI AMOROSO, TELARTE s.n.c. is able to offer highly specialized consultations and face the most varied requests from the fine arts world, supplying resistant and high quality coated frames made of durable material. TELARTE s.n.c. offers a wide range of frames, which are highly resistant and reinforced by crossbeams or reinforcing crosses, offering the opportunity to order already assembled canvases with customized sizes. TELARTE s.n.c. provides many types of coated canvases in many fabrics, depending on the final use. The fabrics are exclusively manufactured by Italian companies following the company‚Äôs instructions to meet the highest resistance and durability standards. The standard composition is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. In addition to the cotton and polyester fabrics, the catalogue includes many options, which range from the cotton and linen canvases to the 100% polyester canvases, which are especially suitable for digital prints and are available in the opaque or lucid versions. The mixed linen canvases keep the purchase price low if compared to the 100% linen ones, prestigious products with a thick and very fine weave. They are very resistant to humidity, use and traction, and are especially suitable for portraits and other specific techniques. The company uses its own chemical substances produced in Italy. 

TELARTE s.n.c. guarantees mixtures for any type of painting technique, from the universal one, which is perfect for oil and acrylic paintings, to the more specific ones like the preparation for oil paint. The latter is the best base to facilitate the adhesion of the oil colours, its formula highlights their shining colours and hues, improving the glazing with its special finishing that makes sure the execution is very precise. The oil preparation for the fine arts helps the thinnest brushes glide on the canvas, creating very refined artworks. The company provides professional artists and art lovers with an absorbing gesso mixture: its features, characterized by a highly absorption power than the universal mixture thanks to the natural gessoes used, are especially suitable to optimize the drying process of oil paintings. The gesso mixture is also suitable for the tempera techniques and for acrylic colours. The catalogue of TELARTE s.nc. includes uncoated canvases and canvases coated with various preparations, with different absorbing power, elasticity, traction and use resistance, designed to give excellent results depending on the colour features and the painting techniques used. The company is available for specific solution for special needs, supplying the most suitable frames for every technique. To ask for a customized quote for wood frames for canvases in Naples we invite you to write to the email address telarte@virgilio.it or contact the phone numbers +39 3472968902 or +39 3398466762.