Coated canvas in Naples

Cotton, linen and polyester canvas rolls

TELARTE s.n.c. is deeply specialized in coated canvas in Naples. The company manufactures canvas for painters for every type of need, with carefully elaborated recipes and top quality working procedures. The coating process consists in the application of a chemical substance on the fabric, in order to make it suitable for the fine arts, using specific fabrics and compositions for each use. TELARTE s.n.c. exclusively uses its own chemical substances and keeps the recipes secret. The company manufactures many types of canvas made of coated:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Mixed linen
  • 100% polyester for digital prints, with opaque or lucid finishing
  • Mixed cotton and polyester

TELARTE s.n.c. shares its knowhow with its wholesalers and artists who need customized supports, offering a wide range of canvases rolls or stretched canvas, also in customized formats. The company offers the right frame for every application, fitting the needs of the artists who use oil paints or acrylic colours, providing them with the best tools for special techniques, ranging from finely-woven to coarse-woven canvas with universal black or white background, with primer or other special preparations. Depending on the needs and type of final use, the canvases may be manufactured with different types of fabrics. The final product has a different thickness, grain and absorbing power depending on the painting technique and has also a different weave and warp. The catalogue of the company offers many price ranges with cheaper and more expensive solutions. Among the latter we include the linen canvases, which, unlike the cotton ones, are more resistant to the use, the weather conditions and the tractions. In addition to having a very thick weave, which is the reason why they are so humidity resistant, the linen canvases have a very fine weave, which is especially suitable for the portraits. The high traction resistance, furthermore, offers a huge advantage if you are painting a large artwork. A typical feature of mixed cotton and polyester canvases is instead their excellent elasticity, combined with a good traction resistance which facilitates the procedure to stretch the canvas on the frame and assemble it. 

TELARTE s.n.c. offers a complete service to its clients and wholesalers, it makes sure the standards of its coated canvases in Naples meet the highest quality standards. The company has modern machinery to guarantee top quality standards in every manufacturing phase, being especially careful to the coating techniques, highlighted by manual interventions aimed to obtain the best products. TELARTE s.n.c. manufactures roll canvases in various sizes which are 1.60 m wide. Upon request it is possible to ask for bigger sizes, like 1.80 m or more, up to 2.10 m. The 2.10-meter wide canvases are manufactured with 12-meter looms. 

Usually the canvas has a green backside but upon request the colour may be different. Also the front side of the canvas is usually white, but the colour may change according to the client’s needs. TELARTE s.n.c. uses very fine pigments like burnt Sienna, included among the yellow-brown colours, characterized by an excellent resistance to light, use and weather conditions. Earth pigment containing iron oxide and manganese oxide, burnt Sienna has a very typical colour and an excellent fastness and colouring power. TELARTE s.n.c. offers a wide variety of preparations to fit to your needs. The main colours are:

  • Black (for Flemish paintings)
  • Burnt Sienna (for still lives)
  • Red scarlet (for ethnic paintings with frames)

For more specific needs, it is possible to apply any colour. TELARTE s.n.c. offers a catalogue of many quality products and always respects the delivery time and arrangements. For further info, please contact the company, located in Aida Street 9 in Naples, by phone at +39 3472968902 or +39 3398466762. By email, please send your requests to