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Canvas for the fine arts Naples

TELARTE s.n.c., a young company located in via Aida 9 in Naples, avails itself of more than 30 years of experience of its founder, Luigi Amoroso, and provides high quality services which fit the needs of every painter. The company offers many solutions, which ensure excellent fast colour and perfect results with a wide range of painting techniques. The company is specialized in manufacturing canvas for the fine arts in Naples, with accurate mixtures developed after a detailed research process that results in the formulation of very effective and exclusive chemical substances. The recipes developed by TELARTE s.n.c., jealously kept secret by the company, ensure excellent durability and high performances. The company offers a rich catalogue of canvas in Naples, standard or customized rolls according to the clients’ needs.
In addition to the universal mixture, which is suitable for every painting technique and use, both for oil and acrylic painting, the company has created a range of more specific products, designed for impeccable results, to fit a wide range of needs in the world of the fine arts. The company commercializes special oil mixtures for oil painting, which enable also the thinnest brushes to leave their trace. TELARTE s.n.c. furthermore provides absorbing gesso mixtures with natural gessoes and other components which improve the absorption and facilitate the drying process of the oil paint. They are suitable also for acrylic painting and tempera. Upon request, the company may fit every need, creating specific mixtures for every technique. The company uses only top quality canvas, manufactured by partner companies. TELARTE s.n.c. exclusively collaborates with Italian textile companies and is very careful to the manufacturing process, in order to make sure the final products are 100% made in Italy. The canvas range from extra-finely woven to finely woven, medium-woven and coarse-woven canvas, with excellent elasticity, humidity resistance and durability. Their performance depends on their weave and type of fabric and depends also on their price. The company supplies standard canvas, which are 1.60 m wide and may reach 50 m, but also different sizes (10/20/25 metres). The company’s standard canvases are made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. 
TELARTE s.n.c. manufactures canvases in Naples and also canvases stretched on wood frames in standard sizes, ranging from 18x24cm to 100x150cm and it also supplies customized sizes upon request. The pine and spruce wood frames are handmade. TELARTE s.n.c. uses 12-meter long looms to manufacture canvas rolls. They may be also 2.10 m wide and made of various fabrics and processes. You may choose among cotton, linen, mixed linen, mixed cotton and polyester, polyester, which is perfect for opaque or lucid digital prints, depending on your needs. The standard canvas has a green backside and a white front side, but, upon request, the company supplies also other colour and special preparations for the Flemish method, still lives, ethnic paintings: they come in black finishing, burnt Sienna or scarlet red. For further info we invite you to ask our staff for advice in our headquarters in Aida Street 9 in Naples or to call our phone number +39 347 2968902 -+39 3398466762. TELARTE s.n.c. also answers to the emails at the address telarte@virigilio.it and is also available on Facebook with its products and constant updates about its solutions.