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TELARTE s.n.c. provides quality solutions for painters and supplies and manufactures canvas in Naples. The factory, located in via Aida 9 in Naples, has modern and improved machinery and techniques, which guarantee quality outcomes for every type of painting technique. The manufacturing process includes handmade operations and manual interventions to take care of every detail. The company manufactures canvas for painters, available in many sizes and customized formats, and wood frames made with pine or spruce wood, which come in standard or customized sizes with different sections. The philosophy of the company is clearly expressed in its choice of the material and canvases, manufactured by Italian companies following the specific instructions given by the company. Therefore, the products are completely made in Italy and meet the highest quality standards. The company from Naples uses exclusive recipes to coat the canvas with chemical substances developed through careful research processes, aimed to optimize each single use. In addition to the standard canvases with green backside and white front side, you may ask for special colours and pigments, ranging from finely woven to medium, coarse or extra-finely woven canvas and many types of preparations, from universal to more specific mixtures. Among the latter ones, the black finishing is perfect for the Flemish method and the burnt Sienna or scarlet red preparations are ideal for painters specialized in still lives and ethnic paintings stretched on frames. The types of canvas range from cotton, linen and mixed fabrics like cotton and polyester or mixed linen, including some solutions for digital prints, which are 100% polyester.per le stampe digitali con composizione 100% poliestere.



100% made in Italy cotton, linen and polyester canvas 


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Standard or customized frames made of pine or spruce wood.

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About us

TELARTE s.n.c. is a young and dynamic company which gets the most of the thirty-year experience of its founder Luigi Amoroso in the painting industry. It manufactures high quality frames and canvases with excellent performances, very durable and with stable colours. The company, located in via Aida 9, manufactures canvases in Naples, canvas rolls and wood frames in standard or customized sizes. The catalogue of coated canvases ranges from the standard ones, which range from 1.60 m to 2.30 m long, to customized sizes. TELARTE s.n.c. manufactures exclusive canvases in Naples, using various types of elaborated chemical substances. In addition to the universal mixture, which is suitable for any type of oil and acrylic painting, the catalogue offers some specific solutions for acrylic and oil painting, designed to satisfy the various techniques and enable the painters to leave their traces even with a very thin brush. TELARTE s.n.c. provides also absorbing gesso mixtures and, upon request, customized solutions for the most varied painting techniques. Also the solutions available for wood frames, made of pine or spruce, are characterized by flexibility. The catalogue of the company includes standard sizes, ranging from 18x24 cm to 100x150 cm, or customized sizes which cover various types and formats. The company staff may be consulted for alternative frames for the fine arts. If you wish to ask for a customized quote, send an email to or call the following phone numbers: +39 3472968902 or +39 3398466762.

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